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Guild News


Ajax181, Jan 11, 12 12:51 PM.
Hey guys,

I did not renew the subscription to the website so the forums are locked until I clear them out...a task that will take a lot more time than I have right now.  A number of us have started to play Star Wars The Old Republic and frankly, we are LOVING it.  Insurance and I are currently on Mind Trick server Empire side.  Ultryst is on Swiftsure Republic side and Aeris is on a Republic PvP server (I will put down the name when I get that info).

Hope to see you in a Galaxy Far Far Away.

Ajax (Monoron)

New News!

Ajax181, Jun 17, 11 1:52 AM.
I realized that I haven't posted any new news lately!  With Firelands coming out in 4.2 it will be likely that we will need to split into two raiding groups.  One geared raid for tier 12 and one new raider/alt player run for tier 11.  With all the new raiders we have had lately, if you are interested in being a part of the second raid group (particularly in a leadership position) please let Ajax or one of the other GM/officers know!


Fattydaddy new GM!

Ajax181, Jan 30, 11 2:14 PM.
Just a website announcement letting everyone know that Dremora, Occurence and myself have decided to promote a fourth horseman to GM status.  Especially since I have had a lot of RL responsibilities that keep me from logging the marathon hours that I used to we thought it was a good idea to give someone else the keys to the kingdom.  The four of us have been playing together for a long time and Fatty's dedication to the guild, leadership and overall awesomeness are second to none.

Profession stickies

DremDrem, Dec 15, 10 11:33 AM.
Be sure to keep your eye on the profession forums to see what people can make.  If you've got a wish list of gems, potions, enchants, or gears, that's the place to put in a request.

Forum Upgrades

Ajax181, Nov 30, 10 3:41 PM.
Ajax is wiping the forums!

Since we have a lot of forum activity lately I am going to organize them a bit.  You can expect to see all sorts of crazy things happening in the forums until this evening.  I will also be deleting old forum posts that are...well...old.  If you see a post go missing, it is just because I am cleaning house, I will try to keep all active/informative posts in tact.

Also, I merged our roster with the Armory so the roster should be up to date.  Also if you click a name it takes you strait to the armory...fancy I know
About Us
<After the Fall> is a casual guild looking to boost its numbers. We currently have a small, 
dedicated group of friends and we are hoping to build the guild into something that caters 
to all those people who want to experience all aspects of the game without feeling obligated 
to sacrifice parts of their RL. Our goal is to keep the friendly feeling of a small guild while
capitalizing on the new guild leveling system of Cataclysm. We are aiming to maintain 25-30 
active guild members.

Who are we? We are a tight knit group of friends who have been playing together since BC 
and early Wrath. As far as the game goes, we are altoholics, auction house junkies and raid/
battleground enthusiasts - jacks of all trades and masters of none. We aren’t on the cutting edge 
of progression or the top battleground guild, but we have a nice diversity of play styles and we 
don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Who are we looking for? We are openly recruiting for new members who will mesh well with 
our laid back, yet competitive guild atmosphere. Friendliness, humor and good attitude all go a 
long way. We all have RL obligations so attendance in guild events is never mandatory. We are 
currently accepting all classes and specs.

Solid play, contributions to fellow guildies, and leadership will be rewarded with promotions 
and perks. Guild members are encouraged to plan, schedule and run events that they want to 
participate in and think others will enjoy as well.

While we will accept toons of all levels, you should have at least one level 80 character to be 
able to participate in guild events. We are not a parking lot for alts so please plan to play the 
toons that are accepted into our guild regularly.

What are we planning? Check our calendar for planned events.  Send a tell or an in game mail to an officer to get an invite or post an application in our forum.

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